Act Now – The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

To help protect our island you could help by doing the following: 

1.            Reduce your single use plastics. Try reusable bottles, bags and pots.  

2.            Only buy what you need when you need it – find some bargains second hand.

3.            Recycle… everything you can. 

4.            Save water. Clean water takes lots of energy to make. Look at ways to save water usage, whether that is taking a ‘Navy Shower’, using water butts for gardening or even learning about using grey water. 

5.            Plant a tree or even a garden. Help prevent flooding, reduce atmospheric carbon and even create your own food.

6.            Use sustainable transport. Take a bus, train, cycle, scoot or walk whenever you can. 

7.            Use less electricity. Use energy efficient devices or turn things off when they are not in use.

8.            Buy local food and drink and cut down on food miles.

9.            Explore your UNESCO Biosphere. Go and find flowers, animals or trees. Go rock pooling and start exploring one of the most wonderful places on planet Earth.

10.          Persuade your neighbours to do the same.